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No brand, no identity, means bland. Understanding, translating and communicating brand stories graphically: it's what today's key branding designers do.

PROFOSOFT believe in effective design and that choosing the right design company will give your business a competitive edge. We take visual communication and branding seriously without taking ourselves too seriously and are constantly looking for like minded clients - big or small. So please browse through our website to discover who we are and if you think we will enjoy working together, then just contact us.

Your business is your lifeblood. You’ve created something unique. Your brand identity and marketing should reflect your brand with precision. It’s not just a logo: it’s your company’s identity. Your logo is how people identify and remember you. It’s what they see when they compare you to the competition. We work closely with you to determine your brand objectives, and then conceptualize a dynamic brand identity targeted to your customer.

The Remarkable Advantage is the Perfect Impression Created Without Saying a Word. It’s Instant Credibility, in the Blink of an Eye. Make the investment into your business that will yield returns for years to come. The importance of a brand (or corporate identity) has been steadily increasing for years. In the beginning, a “brand” simply stated which cattle herd a cow belonged to. In more recent years, large corporations invested heavily to brand a certain image in the minds of customers. Today, due to the internet, businesses are investing in their brand, because an unlimited number of prospective customers can quickly view and analyze that brand every day. Do they remember your business? What do they remember? Do they want more information? These variables can be controlled through design and consistency across logos, brochures, folders, business cards, websites, ads, inserts, mailings and other corporate literature.

Understanding, translating and communicating brand stories graphically. it's what today's key branding designers do. Identity Graphic Design specializes in visual branding for business through intelligent graphic design. We’ve been providing professional design and advertising services for hundreds of retail, professional and commercial businesses. Does your company need an identity upgrade? Call us today and schedule a free consultation!

At PROFOSOFT our Graphic / Branding team specialise in branding, corporate identity, corporate brochure design, brand packaging, etc.

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