Domain registration

A domain is your key to doing business around the world. Your Online Presence Starts Here. Finally, a web address that tells people exactly what you do.

To build any website, you must first choose and register a domain name. In essence, a domain name is the address of your website on the Internet. Whenever your customer or prospects wants to visit your site, they will simply type in your domain name into their browser and be directed to your site. A domain is your key to doing business around the world - right from your office, living room or even your couch. And finding the right name is as easy as a domain name search.

In today's technology, a domain name is more than just an address. It helps define your website’s online identity, and plays a big part in building the character of your online presence. Every individual wants their identity to be memorable and unique, and everyone wants their online identity to be the same. This is why choosing a great domain name and a reliable domain registration site is so important. It will help make your website stand out from the crowd. It will help give your site an identity.

Once you have chosen and registered a great domain name, the next step is to build a web site on your domain. This involves planning out exactly what you want your site to say and the information it should convey. You really have a lot of creative freedom in this step, since it is your site and can be structured almost any way you wish. In order to begin building a presence on your domain, you’re going to need hosting. To put it simply, web hosting is space on a server where the files of your website are stored.

DNS stands for "domain name server." A domain name server is the computer (or one of several) that "serves" requests for your Web site or email address. Think of a DNS as the battery for your domain name. The more powerful the DNS, the more likely people will be able to see your site, send you email, etc. If the DNS isn't strong enough, people may have trouble reaching you.

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